Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Can Going to The Gym Fight Depression?

Can the Gym help fight off depression? Is lifting weights & doing cardio all it takes to keep depression at bay?

"It is common to hear people say, “I just want to be happy.” And who does not? It’s certainly much better to be happy than sad. Good times are better to experience than bad. But pursuing happy is a little off the mark. It is like trying to grab smoke. Whenever we make happiness our goal, we set ourselves for a futile chase. First, we do something that we think will make us happy. Then, once that pleasure is through, we move on to the next. Usually, the pleasures have to escalate to continue to satisfy, and we find ourselves in an endless climb. From pleasure to pleasure we go, never really finding happiness."
-Chris Brady

Shaolin Monks believe that the mastery of the mind comes from the mastery of the body through physical exercises, or working through pains, as well as resisting temptations.

I certainly have experienced mood benefits from working out but I do not believe that this is all it takes to "cure" depression. (By the way, if you are depressed, seek professional advice.) In order to fight my daemons, I need a good diet/exercise to be healthy, good relationships to share life with, spirituality/religion/meditation in order to find inner peace and financial security (for obvious reasons).

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