Friday, January 2, 2015

Keep A Journal

Keeping a journal of your thoughts and feelings you've had during the day is a great way to start understanding yourself and the improvement you've made on your self-improvement journey. We can't really know how good we're at something if we don't keep track of it.

The improvement I see in myself when ever I read an old entry in my journal is a great feeling. The things that used to hurt me don't anymore. My writing skills got better over the year and I can pretty much tell how interesting my reading was in a given month based on the quotes I wrote down (I also like to keep track of good quotes).

Some like digital journals while other prefer physical ones since they can carry it anywhere they go. When buying a physical journal, I would recommend you to choose something that will last you a couple of years. Usually, you can get some at around 20$ that are sturdy and of quality enough to last.

What is your favorite journal?

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