Friday, January 9, 2015

Now That's Self-Control In The Parking Lot

The parking space, where I work, is very limited we therefor have no choice but to report the cars that don't belong there to either have them removed or have the owner pay a fine. This towing company uses a device to lock the wheel and they attach a cord, from the driver's door to the device, in order for the person to notice something is on the wheel.
This particular lady, however, had to get in the car from the passenger door because the driver's door was broken. She never noticed something was on her wheel so she started driving off with it - completely destroying the rim and the tire on that side.

Seeing this (only too late to warn her), I got out to offer my help. A young lady, with a big smile, came out of the car and said "something is wrong isn't?" to which I said "Yes - you wheel was locked and is now broken. You'll need to replace the thing." That news, which would had the ability to wreck anyone's day, didn't phase her one bit. She took responsibility over it as if it was the littlest of things.

The amount of self-control that lady had that day is truly inspiring. If it would of happened to me, I would of been upset but she didn't let that little tragedy wreck her day. I learned a lot about attitude and self control from her that day.

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