Monday, December 23, 2013


20 years from now, you will regrets more the things you haven’t done than the things you did do. I don’t remember where I took that from, but I thought about it a lot lately.

You can’t regret something that will happen in the future nor something that’s happening in the present, only from things that happened in the past. So how do you know if you’re going to regret something or not?

I believe that moral compass as a lot to do with regrets. One with a aligned moral compass will have less regrets than someone with an unaligned moral compass.

A regret is something personal, it’s disappointment for something. There are 2 categories of regrets:

Psychological Regrets: Didn’t have the guts to do something because it appeared to be a bad idea at the time.

Conduct Regrets: Opposite of psychological regrets. It’s doing something that you shouldn’t have done but appeared like a good idea at the time.

Originally posted - November 2010

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