Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wrong goals

A partner isn’t supposed to be pursued but rather should be a “side achievement” while in the pursuit of your main purpose.
Now before you think I’m a total ass, let me explain my issue.

When ever I would find a woman of my liking, I would literally put my life on hold for her. If I would go to the gym on regular basis, I would stop to hang out with her. If I was supposed to meet with friends, I wouldn’t go cause I wanted to be with her...

This is a wrong approach purely because I was making her my world rather than having her part of mine. There’s a big difference here. Nobody wants to be with someone who they feel doesn’t have a life of their own.

Feeling wise, the love for her would be gone quite quickly because of it. I mean, picture this … there’s still things that I wanted to do but I would stop myself from doing it all because of her … who did I subconsciously blamed for it? Her of course and she had nothing to do with it!

If you want the love feeling to last, don’t make your partner your entire world. Make your partner … well your partner in your life.

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