Friday, December 2, 2011

A Man's Interaction With Women

“For a man to get along with women he must learn how to get along without them.” -The Expendables

The above quote, from the movie “The Expendables”, made me think a lot about how my interactions with women usually go.

I believe that communication is done with feelings wrapped around it. If you don’t truly feel love, it will be felt when you say “I love you”. I started considering this when ever I had a conversation with a woman. I would ask myself “How do I feel about it?” and most of the time I felt like “I needed the woman to love me”. This affected how the interaction was going. The posture was different, the feeling wasn’t right and I just couldn’t get the woman interested in me at all.

I have a different approach all together now. I don’t care about them at all, I don’t look nor try to find excuses to talk to them. I have places to go and things to do.

I originally thought that this would affect how many women would interact with me but it didn’t. They do the first steps now, I just play along and fill the blanks.

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