Thursday, December 8, 2011

Self Inflicted Diseases

Ever had an ailment that you’ve decided to take into your own hands to figure out what it is? The first thing that you did was open up google and look for the symptoms? After browsing through a list of possible disease, what started as a small ailment escalated into the point where you think you’re going to die?

Me too!!

It’s important to know that it’s normal to have issues with our bodies and that most of them aren’t dangerous.
While doing a research online, or brain tends to focus so much on the symptoms of “X” disease that you may think you have it. I’ve looked up many diseases and each site have their own definition and list of symptoms so who do you trust?

The best thing to do is to wait a little while to see if it doesn’t go away and if the problem persist, go see a doctor.

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