Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tolerance in Relationships - Part 2

The popular belief is that experience is the best teacher. A better teacher is learning from someone else’s experience.

I used to tolerate woman I was in a relationship with vs trying to find things I like about them.

To accept someone is to actively look for the good in people while tolerance is seeing the bad and waiting, or expect, to see the good.

When you expect someone to do good, you already have a predefine notion of what good you want to see. Which means that your partner may already be doing good things but you fail to classify them as “good” because they’re not what you’ve been expecting to see.

The only way, I know, how to see the good in people is by having humility, which I learned through faith.
Humility, in my few words, is knowing that I’m not perfect which in turns removes that expectancy of perfection in others. In other words, for everything wrong I can find about others, there’s 5 things I do wrong myself.

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