Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tolerance in Relationships - Part 1

Love -> Tolerance -> Intolerance -> Hatred

If love and hatred were opposite, tolerance would be situated in between. Tolerance, in relationships, is allowing someone in your life but being indifferent if they ever decide to leave. That thought is a relationship killer.

In business, there’s a principle called “Burn your bridges”. It’s to burn all the exit to force you to work harder on the business. There’s nothing else beside the business. People,with that kind of mentality, are more likely to succeed because they will fight the fire instead of running away and letting their business burn.

Those who leave themselves exits (or bridges), in any area of life, have the intention of taking it if the opportunity arise.
In buildings, why would they build emergency exits if there was no intentions of using them?

A relationship works the same way. If there’s exits, you’ll run towards them at first sight of a fire.

Fight your fires.

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