Wednesday, May 1, 2024

A Dictatorship in America? Really?

I never thought I would see the day when voting for a President was choosing between a Democracy and Dictatorship. I always thought that dictatorship was something that was forced unto a conquered country... not something voted in or that people wished for.

Americans, under the Trump cult, seems to be wanting democracy to be overthrown in favor of a dictatorship. If we look at China, Russia, North Korea... can we really say that dictatorship is better than a democracy? 
The only people benefiting from dictatorships are the elites. Only Trump, and his closets of allies, would reap the rewards of America becoming a dictatorship.

A democracy, which gives the power to the people, isn't a perfect form of government but its definitely an evolution over dictatorship. America would loose, on all fronts, by this downgrade and perhaps serves as a reminder that good things don't last and if it can happen to America then it can happen to any country.

Be better, America, not only for your sake but for the world.

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