Wednesday, January 17, 2024

The Future of Video Games using A.I.

We're well into the era of procedurally generated environments and we're about to enter the era of adaptive experiences. Games will be different based on how they're played and who plays them. Think of the game engine as being an A.I. looking over what the player is doing and creating an experience that best suits their needs. 

The below are a few example of how I envision the future of gaming using A.I.:
  • If you like to play your FPS using stealth, you will be given additional opportunities to use stealth than the person who likes to run and shoot.
  • If you have a tendency to always use the same mechanics in your action games, the A.I. will introduce situations that will force you to switch things up.
  • The stages in platformers will adapt based on your skill level.
  • RPG stories/events will be created on the spot and could be played indefinitely in a ever changing world.
  • The interaction with NPCs will be in real time.
  • Racing games will adapt to the player's skill with opponents that feel more authentic/diverse.
Animation, sound, weather effects will also be improved using A.I. as the game engine will be able to mimic environments using real world data. 

When can we expect this A.I. revolution in games?

We have to keep in mind that "Left 4 Dead", a game that came out more than a decade ago, had a basic algorithm that made each playthrough different based on difficulty and player behavior. A player recently made a mod where NPCs in Skyrim are connected to ChatGTP and can interact, in real time, with the player... this means that some people are already toying with the idea of offering players unique experiences using some form of A.I.

What is being discussed here, however, is on a much larger scale and likely won't be made available offline as the processing power required is more than what players will be able to buy at home. I also believe that Epic Games will be the leaders of A.I. via Fortnite (Unreal Engine) considering that their metaverse strategy is dominating the market currently and A.I. seems to be the logical next step for them to take.

It's not crazy to think that this will start happening within the next 5 years.

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