Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Performance Enhancing Drugs in Bodybuilding is Annoying...

I saw an interview where Mike Tyson said that he supported the use of performance enhancing drugs in the world of bodybuilding because it wasn't a contact sport.

In any other sport, Athletes show us what is possible with hard work and dedication. Bodybuilding show us what is possible with hard work, dedication, and a cocktail of performance enhancing drugs. It's not possible to compete in Mr. Olympia without the use of it.

Why is it allowed?
The official reason is that Bodybuilding isn't a sport that is governed by the "World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)" which is responsible to enforce anti-doping regulation in most other sports. As a result, bodybuilding competitions are not subject to the same strick anti-doping rules as other sports.

In my mind, however, it isn't allowed because it brings "wow" factor to the sport.

Bodybuilding, at least in my mind, is supposed to be promoting healthy lifestyle or the achievement of the perfect spartan (symmetric) body but we've turned it into an unhealthy swollen mess with athletes dying before the age of 40.
To some, this is a beautiful sport but to me it's nothing more than a facade hiding something that is ugly.

My advice to you for 2024 is to exercise without the use of performance enhancing drugs.

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