Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Education As A Business

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College/Universities are treated more like a business, looking for profit, than a vehicle for students to learn new skills. Today, not only is it expensive, we need to ask ourselves if it's even worth it in a world of A.I. 

If a student is able to get through his classes with the help of A.I. then how long will it be until said A.I. will be able to do the job the student is training? If you're a student that used A.I. to get through your classes then how prepared are you for the workplace? 

The College/University business hasn't changed much since its first introduction into society. Even with the rise of the internet, students are still required to pay a fee, which is higher than ever before, to attend a class to listen to a professor who recites the same material he did a year earlier. 

Why does it cost so much and why aren't we using the full force of the Internet?

We need to stop treating education like a business and see it for what it is: A way for our specie to move forward.

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