Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Will A.I. Monopolize Online Traffic?

(Image created by A.I. DALL-E)

While A.I. chatbots are impressive, they're more like an extension of a search engine than a legitimate intellect with ideas that you can converse with (at least for now). In its current form, it can create an output from your requests as long as it can find some answers for it in its dataset - namely the Internet. Perhaps the biggest difference between a chatbot and a regular search is that the chatbot tends to provide a more complete answer making the user less likely to go to the sources.

When asked about creating python code, it did so using an online website currently popular amongst python developers. 

Did this count as legitimate traffic for the owner of that python website?

If website owners are no longer getting legitimate traffic, and selling ads, how long will it take for them to shut down? If they shut down, wouldn't that make the A.I. less effective? 

Most of the discussion surrounding A.I. currently is about the various job losses that it can potentially cause but have those A.I. companies thought about a strategy to insure that the dataset they use can remain online?

The data is as critical, to Artificial Intelligence, as is the code used to interpret it. No dataset means no quality output!

My prediction...

I suspect that, in order to maintain a healthy dataset, A.I. companies will need to pay a small fee wherever they access content as not doing so would eventually kill said dataset making the A.I. less effective. It's a spiral that must be avoided if A.I. is to be viable longer term.

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