Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Use the Things

Roughly a decade ago, someone from my entourage had her car in the garage and something fell on it leaving a dent. Since she didn't want to drive around with a car that had a dent in it, she had it fixed. The entire thing was covered by her insurance which went up as a result.

The question of the day is essentially this: Why do we need to have things look like they haven't been used? Why can't we live with a scratch on the car? Or why do we need to have our house look like someone isn't living there?

None of it matters...

Even if a phone has a case on it, a screen protector, with an extended warranty ... the day will come when you will still get rid of it. Keeping things in premium conditions comes at a cost to you and the result will be the same in the end; the item will be gone.
Some people seems to associate premium condition, of their items, with some sort of social status. It would look "bad" on them to have a scratch on the car. They use their items as a symbol of their wealth.

Again: None of it matters... 

This superficial way of living adds worries in places that shouldn't have any. Items are meant to be used not taking care of like a member of the family. How can you enjoy a car, like they're supposed to be enjoyed, if you worry about scratches?

We have much bigger problems to worry about than to keep our items in pristine condition.

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