Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Tradition Based Decisions

A mother bear will teach her cubs what it takes to survive as a bear in similar fashion than a human will teach his child what it takes to be human. The difference being that the teaching humans are going through is beyond the basic survival instincts and is more geared towards how to survive in the society that we've built. The problem with this inherited knowledge is that some of it is brought down generations without much thought. 

Since my father thought me "X" then I will teach my children "X" but is "X" really all that useful in today's world? It seems that the longer these teachings have been around the more difficult it is to challenge.

The best example I have of this is with religion: A parent born within a certain religious belief will often spent his life not questioning it and pass on the knowledge to his children not really knowing if it make sense to do so but still convinced that the religion is true none the less with the only thing making it true was that it was passed down to him from his own parents.

Another example could be with our educational system. The parents that choose to homeschool their children are often told that they should put their children through the public system instead not because it's better but because that's what we've been doing. Whether or not it's better to homeschool a child is besides the point. The point being that those that challenges established beliefs are met with oppositions by those that have grown content with it.

The focus is always on the next generation and how to best prepare them for the society of tomorrow and sometime that requires the omission of some things in favors of others. What is something that you learned from your parents that you decided to not teach your child?

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