Wednesday, June 1, 2022

The Last Home

Ever since my grand father passed away, 10 years ago, things have been changing quite rapidly for my grand mother. She went from owning a house, to moving to an apartment, to moving to a private care home, to the hospital, to moving to an assisted living home; The later of which will likely be her last home.
Due to complications, that came with her advance age, she went from a fully functioning person to a shadow of her former self. She went from being able to think clearly, walking, to being confused and confined to a bed.

Given the choice, I'm sure she wouldn't of wanted to be in this situation but getting old isn't a choice now is it?

The family's responsibility now is to accept this new version of our elderly family member while also remembering who that person was at her best. My hope for my grand mother is that she's able to find some enjoyment in this last stage of her life as well as peace with this inevitable end that awaits us all. 

She's given me life/love and, most importantly, an example to follow. I will be there for you until the bitter end.

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