Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Recycling the Unrecyclables

I find it difficult to believe that in 2022 we still allow companies to use material that can't be recycled. Is there any reason why we can recycle a bottle of water but not the cap? Why not make the cap recyclable too?
I understand that there might be some limitations, such as meat can't be stored in "x" type of plastic for whatever reason, yet we need to get back to the drawing board and find a solution to this problem. 

We also need to look at ways to recycle the unrecyclables. Can they be used in other products? Can they be broken down and made into bricks to build houses with? Can a used bottle cap be washed and used for another bottle?
Are we not doing this already because it would be too costly do to so? Why is it cheaper to pollute that planet than it is to do things to preserve it?

Sadly, I have frustrations when it comes to this problem but like most I don't have a solution for it. Is it possible to live without destroying our environment in the process?

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