Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Show Your Skills/Work to the World!

You can be considered good at something until you either expose your skill/work, and the general consensus is that it's good, or you go through some sort of challenge and finish at the top. Many people consider themselves to be the "best" at something but they don't share that skill/work to anyone. 

How do you know you're good at something if nobody else knows about it but you? 

It takes courage to show your skill/work to the world as it can potentially expose you to the reality that you may not be as good as you made yourself out to be in private. 

I like to think of myself as a great writer but the reality doesn't align with how I see myself as a writer but because I know this I'm left with a choice: Do I cry about it or do I keep pushing? I chose the later... Anyone that wants to be the best at something needs to go through this.

Show your skill to the world, let it judge you, find something to improve and keep pushing. You'll grow faster this way than if you try to be the best only in private.

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