Wednesday, March 23, 2022

How the War in Ukraine Could of Been Worse...

Dictators, like Kings, are people that think about their own interests before the interests of their people and the only reason why they want to expand their rule is in order to exert power over more people. While the world's eyes are on Putin right now, due to the invasion of Ukraine, we need to thank our lucky star that the U.S.A isn't led by Putin's friend, Trump (who was quoted as saying that he approved of his friend's invasion), as the future of the world could of taken a totally different turn. 

Dictators are to be reasoned with but not befriended. 

What this ordeal taught me is that it's crucial to have respectable, morally aligned, individuals in a country's leadership roles. Annoyingly, Trump is proof that sometimes being President is more about winning a popularity contest than it is about someone of character being chosen for the role. The fault is, as I see it, on the voters more so than on the person being chosen because the voters decided to ignore Trump's morally corrupt past and give him the job of running the Country.

With the invasion of Ukraine is now in full swing, the world finally got to see what Putin's plan was with all the money he had acquired from other Countries. Whether or not Ukraine will fall remains to be seen but one thing is certain; Putin's quest for more power seems to have had the adverse effect, at least in the short term, as most Countries have now heavily sanctioned Russia's businesses. 

We live in scary times...

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