Wednesday, December 8, 2021

I'm Tired of Fakes

What I mean by fakes are people that built careers out of lies and deceits. We can see them in all areas of life with mixed results. Some, like Theranos, managed to lure in many investors for billions of dollars on the promise of a revolution in the Health industry but alas it was all a lie. Others, like Stephen Seagal, Uri Geller, Billy Mitchell (and more) have been a little bit more conservative in their scam only doing things to make a profit for themselves.

Of course, some are better at lying than others but the very fact that there's an environment for them to thrive is annoying to me.

How can these lies go for so long unopposed?  

Well, often these lies are being opposed by some people but nobody listen to them until it's too late. The cracks of Theranos were shown to the field experts ever since the company first came to be. In-fact, the only investors that Elizabet Holmes was able to lure, or wanted to lure, were people outside of the medical fields. Those that had the experience were either avoided, by Elizabet Holmes, or wanted nothing to do with the business feeling that it was a scam.

These lies sounds good, they appeal to people but they're just lies. It hurts me that this is the world that we live in. 
Will we ever reach a point in our society when these things will come to an end?

Well it does look that the Internet is helping in exposing the scammers of the world (while also creating some). The "MeToo" movement is an example of a wrong that's society is trying to rectify. Scammers are surely adapting but the truth will always come to light and perhaps the Internet is helping this endeavor.

I think that the responsibility also falls on us to insure that we do research on all things that sounds too good to be true in an attempt to find what's genuine and what isn't.

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