Wednesday, December 30, 2020

When Doing Nothing is a Mistake

We can do the right thing, we can do the wrong thing or we can do nothing. In each cases, our decision will have an impact even when that decision is "doing nothing". Doing nothing, in some cases, is the right thing to do but if we do nothing because of fear, or laziness, then that decision can turn into regret with time.

I certainly have a lot of experience with this being a relatively shy person. I can point plenty of times when I've decided to do nothing only to regret those decisions later on. I've lost relationships, career opportunities and potentially life changing experiences over the simple decision of doing nothing.

Doing nothing is comfortable but only in the moment. Since I have a lot of experience with this, I would argue that doing the wrong thing is more favorable than doing nothing because even if you make the wrong decision at least you tried and you've likely learned something valuable in the process - more so than if you had done nothing.

This is for me more so than you - Be more decisive.

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