Wednesday, December 23, 2020

I'm Not Good at Gossip

It recently dawn on me that I'm not good at the gossip game and often end up putting other people in trouble as a result of that. I'm a good listener which make people open up to me but I know there's going to be trouble as soon as they start saying something like "don't tell this person this but..." The trouble is I often end up telling that other person the very thing that I wasn't supposed to tell them. 

Why do I do this? I do it without realizing, I do it because I forget I'm not supposed to tell this particular thing. 
Now, before you start telling me I'm a bad person, I'm pretty vocal about my hate of gossip, and my complete dis-interest in it, but people choose to confine in me anyway - the risk is their own.

Gossip serves no purpose other than to, perhaps, provide a temporary relief to the person sharing it. The only thing I can think about, when people gossips with me, is what are they saying about me when I'm not around?

I hate gossip and if you choose to gossip with me then you should know that I have this flaw.

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