Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Clever Marketing

Clever marketing is the type of marketing that stick with us long after the campaign as ended. I'm referring here of the marketing campaign of the pasts that were so good that it effectively changed the direction of society in terms of thinking related to the product. The following are examples:

  • Kellogg's breakfast cereal - The cleverness of the marketing campaign of Kellogg's breakfast cereal cannot be overlooked. Not only are they the ones behind putting emphasis on breakfast "being the most important meal of the day" but they also managed to place their product, namely breakfast cereal, at the center of it.
  • Santa Clause - Coca Cola is largely responsible for the image of Santa Clause that we know of today. They did such a good job with it that it often overshadows Jesus Christ on Christmas. 
  • Women Shaving - The perceived "cleanliness" of a woman shaving her legs comes from a marketing campaign of a razor company looking to make more money. 
  • Bacon - Bacon didn't used to be the part of the pig that people wanted to eat but it was made popular in the 90s and is now a highly sought for part of the pig.
The above are but a few products that, through marketing campaigns, effectively change the course of society. Kids are born, never saw the original marketing campaigns, and still learn about these products when speaking to older generations.

The question isn't on whether or not those marketing campaigns are good or bad but to understand them for what they are - a way for companies to make money sometime doing so by changing the current belief system. It is our responsibility to not buy into everything that is sold to us because companies don't always have our best internets in mind.

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