Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Is the Pandemic Your Financial Wake-Up Call?

I've been fortunate to have gotten my financial "wake-up call" early on in my IT career. For some of you, the Pandemic is your financial wake-up call and it's going to hurt you more than those that were financially stable before this entire mess started out.
I can't stress out enough the importance of living a debt free lifestyle. Having money in the bank gives you choices - debt is financial slavery.

Some of you are protesting the lock-down not because you want to go back to work as much as you need the money to pay off all of your bills.

Now here's the problem: the majority of people is going to loose money because of this pandemic. If you don't have any money then you will be more in debt at the end of this ordeal than you were when it all started.
I have one of the most conservative, minimum risk, financial portfolio that I was able to create and I still am loosing money because I don't understand the investment world enough to take advantage of the changes that are going on. Even some experts investors are loosing money in some areas because previously "safe" investments are no longer safe. Compared to most of us, however, those experts know where to put their money to minimize the lost and, in some cases, make gains out of this change.

In recent weeks, I've seen an increase amount of "sponsored" investment related videos on my Facebook feeds, from people not known in the investment world, promising great gains if you buy their training videos and follow their investment advice. Since we are in unknown waters right now I would advise you to be careful with those that think they can outsmart the investment market. If you are looking for investment ideas then you need to be looking at what the experts, such as Warren Buffet, are doing with their money. They are the ones that knows the game best and have the most chances to take advantage of the change.

Listen to those that have the fruit from the tree.

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