Wednesday, May 29, 2019

We've Made Christianity Ugly!

The Christian religion (and others), which is ultimately meant to be a way to achieve inner peace, has become nothing more than an ugly business for personal gains and abuse: I’m tired of it all!

Ultimately, there are 3 categories the Christian religion business falls into. Those are:
  • Legal/Official - Include the papal and all of its derivative. Have a look at the buildings the high officials lives in and tell me the Christian religion isn’t a business. It makes for a pretty ugly business when you consider the years of abuse, by priests, that's been happening all over the place.
  • Entertainment - Joel Osteen, John Gray are religious personalities that profit heavily from their “service”.
  • Scam - The likes of Peter Popoff who asks audiences to pay thousands of dollars to see live miracles. These are the worst of the bunch since there are doing it solely for the purpose of making money and their services generally lacks any real Biblical content.

While I understand that some of the money earned has to go towards paying one’s bills - it’s not supposed to be paying off 5k shoes, fancy cars and mansions.
Is it so bad for me to expect preachers to be living a similar lifestyle than Jesus did? Or at least have a similar lifestyle than the average person listening to the sermon?
Some may see this as jealousy, and maybe in a way it is, but it's also common sense to me. The expectation of the money given to a Church is that it will fund worthy causes - not pay off someone's Rolex.

What is perhaps the most ironic in all of this is that we keep selling religion as this beautiful thing but it is the cause of many evils in our history. There were times when women were burnt for religious sake, we fought wars in the name of it and committed all sorts of lewd acts under its protection.
These are hardly the history one wants to remember on his path of inner peace but it is there non the less.

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