Wednesday, May 22, 2019

How They Control Us

The mass media is how we’re being controlled and we’re easier to control when we’re uneducated. No, it’s not about getting masters degrees or attending schools… it’s more about getting a basic understanding of a multitude of subjects to help us get through life without getting taken advantage of (at least not as much). Some of the subjects to consider are the following:
  • Finance - people are quick to take advantage of those that are financially illiterate or irresponsible. There are always things to learn about finances.
  • Politics - It’s not that complicated and learning about it will allow you to make more informed decision of which party you should elect.
  • Relationships - Learning how to get along will help get us opportunities that we couldn't’ get otherwise.
  • Philosophy - You certainly don’t need to be an Aristotle but to know about philosophy, and develop your own life philosophy, can help be at peace with the world.
  • Spirituality - Speaking of being at peace, figuring out who you, and accepting it, is also important.
I once heard that thinking was the ability to see with the "mind's eye" and that in order to open that eye we needed to be learning beyond what we're thought in schools. Did you ever get a course on Finances in school?

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