Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Blogging Tips: What I learned in 2018

It's been a while since I created a post about blogging tips. I'm a better blogger now. Some lessons I had to learn more than once while others are new. I hope the following tips will help you on your blogging journey.

  • Have a backlog. This is particularly useful if blogging is your hobby. Life will get in the way. Be sure to have a few blogs written somewhere that you can use at a moment's notice.
  • Keep track of the data. See what blogs post generated the most views, what didn’t, and figure out ways to improve those numbers.
  • Figure out the “buzzwords”. For example, when you add “Free” anywhere in your post (where it make sense) it usually generates more views than blogs that don’t.
  • Be mindful of current events. Talk about fitness the first month of the year. Make blog post about gifts suggestions around Christmas times. Talk about current worldly affairs that you feel would catch people’s attention the most (Facebook privacy, Trump, etc….)
  • Be consistent. Do you want to write every day? Once a week? No matter what you decide, be sure to always follow through.
  • Be mindful of social media. Include the standard social media share icons at the end of each post and make sure that your post is properly shown on those social media sites. Do the test yourself - you can't afford not to. (See here on how to get started)
  • Reference yourself when it makes sense to do so. Did you previously talked about the subject? Include a link to your previous post. This will bring visibility to older content.
  • Include a picture. This goes with the social media point. If you do not include a picture, as part of your post, it won't be shown properly on social media. Be sure that the picture doesn't have any copyrights. There are copyright free images available here.
  • Be your best promoter. Be proud of what you've done. Share it with enthusiasm if you want other people to also be excited about it.

What have you learn on your blogging journey? What do you think of the above tips?

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