Monday, June 8, 2015

Sharing Blog Post On Facebook With Blogger – Detailed Steps

I've struggled with this for the longest time and finally figured it out! Bellow are detailed steps on how you can take your blogger post to Facebook.

Step 1: Add the Facebook share button on your blog post by editing the Blog Post Layout (assuming you haven't done so already).

Step 2: Go to Settings/Search Preferences and click on the edit link next to the Description label under the Meta Tags section.

Step 3: Create a new post, click on the newly added "Search Description" section and fill it out with the snippet you want Facebook to see. You can also include a link image in here by using the same link that's generated by blogger when importing an image.

Step 4: Post your blog and wait a few seconds then click on the Facebook share button to see how it will be shown. You can update it if need be and do note that it always takes Facebook a few seconds to detect the changes.

You can also use this tool to help troubleshoot your post

Voila! Hope this helps :)

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  1. This site offers general guidelines on the image size requirement for Facebook share:


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