Thursday, September 11, 2014

Every Phone Wants To Be An Apple Iphone

The phone market as grown stale. The Apple Iphone was the first of the genre and every other company have tried to mimic it ever since it first came out. They all are using Apple's original designs but with irrelevant twists, innovation wise, like "Bigger screens", "Better Specs" or gimmicks like "shake the phone to bring the photo app" - YAWN!

Every phone company is competing against the Apple Iphone - Even Apple. They're the only company out there that creates products in a direction that I want to go in. They don't have the biggest screens or best specs but they do have the type of innovation that makes sense. They haven't implemented anything just for the sake of getting more people to buy their phones.

I'm not an Apple fan just for the sake of being one; I'm an Apple fan because they're the only ones who, I feel, put thinking behind their products. They don't release a phone every 3 months with irrelevant changes. They only have one, per year, and they do it right.

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