Tuesday, September 16, 2014

People Are Not Things

“Stimulated by his increasing technical capacity, man has concentrated all his energies on the production and consumption of things. In this process he continually experiences himself as a thing, manipulating machines and being manipulated by them. There is a clear, present danger that man may forget he is a man. For these reasons, it is most important today to continually reassess the traditions of thought about the nature of man.”
–P.29 of “Living Issues in Philosophy – Sixth Edition” by Harold H. Titus// Marilyn S. Smith

I've been working in the IT field for almost a decade now and some companies out there think that people are numbers rather than... well people. It is to nobody's surprise that those who feel like numbers don't really like working for their company and are usually found at the bottom of the productivity list.

How can we make people feel like people? There's often a disconnect between upper management and the employees at the bottom of the ladder. To close the gap would help make everyone feel valued.

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