Friday, August 22, 2014

We're all Killers

Today, I had an argument with a friend who's about to join the army. She said that she wants to be in the army but doesn't want to kill anyone so she'll take a desk job of some sort somewhere.

While it is possible to spend a career in the army without physically killing anyone - those people indirectly kill without knowing it. You don't have to be holding the weapon in order to be a killer, you just need to provide it to the soldier and anybody that makes this process easier is responsible for what the combat soldier does with it. This is why the army train their soldiers before combat, so they can minimize the acts of pointless killing.

This doesn't only apply to the Army. The person who works on cars is also indirectly responsible for the death caused by it. If there's a malfunction that caused death or injury, then the person who worked on it is responsible. If there's an accident, the driver is directly responsible and the person(s) that helped give the vehicle to the driver are indirectly responsible.

It's important for us to think before doing anything. When we make a car, we want to make it as safe as we possibly can to protect the lives of those driving it. We can't be giving weapons to irresponsible soldiers either.

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