Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Laws & Morals

"In today's world, executives are more likely to ask what they can get away with legally than to worry about what's fair and honest. The result is that corporate wrongdoers escape punishment because they find creative ways to skirt the law. Honest executives, instead of focusing on doing their jobs honorably, wind up playing the same legal games dishonest executives play. That is the natural consequences of relying too much on criminal law and too little on civil regulation and, especially, moral norms. [....] Expanding the criminal-fraud laws may be an easy political sell, but it is not a solution. We may wind up with tougher penalties, but we won't get more principled behavior."
-P. 61 of "Make Yourself Unforgettable" book by Dale Carnegie Training

In other words? Adding laws and regulations does not necessarily mean a more honest environment. It's important for us to do things because it's the right thing to do and not attempt to find creative ways to scam someone else.

*Quotes taken from "Make Yourself Unforgettable" by Dale Carnegie Training. The book is available here.

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