Wednesday, July 2, 2014

-Good/Right Vs Bad/Wrong-

"If what you say and do is of God, it doesn't make any difference if every other person on the face of the earth criticizes you. Likewise, if what you are doing is not of God, nothing other people say will make it right." -John Mason

Whether you believe there's a God or not doesn't change the fact that we should all do good. When I was younger, I used to stupidly tell my friends that I will be one of those people that will be remembered-in a good or bad way.
Growing up, I realize that it's harder said then done to be good but that doesn't make "bad" any more attractive. Now that I know more about the world and see evil for what it is, there's no way anyone can purposely want to be remembered for the bad things they've done-not ever Hitler.

"Get to know the right, then you would know the people of right. Right is not measured by its men, but men are measured by their right." -Ali

We all have a deep desire to be good but that's often clouded with layers of dirt and the only way to remove it is to turn to a source of good and follow the examples. For some people, the dirt is so thick that they're blinded to the hurt they're doing to themselves and those around them making "looking for good" a critical step in changing their life around.

If our goal is truly to become better people then we must have a deep understanding of Right and Wrong. We must do what's right and run away from what is wrong. Plug in to the right sources.

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