Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Who Are You When Nobody's Looking?

Is the real "you" the same as the "you" you tell others?

During an interview, Basketball player Kobe Bryant said that Michael Jordan gave him the advice of being himself. He said that if he was himself, the world would adapt to him.

If we adapt to the world, then what new things are we bringing to the table? We were created unique and thought how to be a carbon copy of each other!

Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Micheal Jordan (etc..) were all geniuses in their own rights and they were also themselves. They will forever be remembered for their individuality.

It is time for us to find ourselves so that we, too, can be remembered for our individuality.

To the question "Who are you when nobody's looking?" Dale Carnegie said "I'm the person I really hope and want to be."

What is your answer?

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