Thursday, October 31, 2013

When does an age begin or end?

Agricultural age gave its place to the industrial age that then gave its place to the information age.

What marks the beginning and the end of an age?
To answer that question, lets ask ourselves what ended the industrial age? The industrial age ended when countries from over seas became industrialize.
After a few years of having those countries competing with us, we lost ground since they were able to produce quality products at a fraction of the price. In short, to be competitive, we had to find new ways to stay ahead hence the information age was born!

Now that we're knee deep in the information age, over sea countries are also in which means that the same thing will happen again.

So what marks the beginning and the end of a new age?
The beginning and end of an age is determined by the over sea countries. When they catch up to us... it's time to jump to a new age.

Let's prepare for the conceptual age!

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