Monday, October 7, 2013

Entertainment News

“News is for us to know what’s going on with the world.” Maybe it’s the case but if it’s intended for entertainment purposes, how good is entertainment News?

If you have a friend that lie to you once in a while, how valuable is the information that he gives you? The word “Entertainment” in “Entertainment News” means just that to me.

I believe that the word “Entertainment” was added there just so that they can’t get sued. If they get sued, for “XYZ” reason, they can just say “It’s only for entertainment and should not be taken seriously.”

I find both words contradicts each other. News means “a report of recent events” and Entertainment means “something diverting or engaging”. When I think of news, I think about truth of events. When I think about Entertainment, I think about video games, movies … things that contain very little, or any, truth.

Most of the time, they don’t show facts, they give opinions on events. It only takes a mouth to have an opinion, it doesn’t take a brain.

Originally posted - November 2010

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