Friday, April 26, 2013

Leaving someone behind

I've recently had to part ways with a friend due to some of her life choice that did not go well with my core beliefs. It pain me very much to do so but it would of been more painful for me to witness her, what I believe to be, wrong doing.

Soon after it happened, I came across this paragraph which help me be in peace with the decision.

"Loyalty does not mean turning a blind eye to wrong behavior. Instead, it means that even when you see a friend doing something you cannot approve of, you do not abandon the friend. Instead, address the friend privately and promptly in an effort to point out his blind spot, praying that he will correct his course and not force you to choose between the friendship itself and violating your own principles."
-Page 85 from "Resolved Primer" book by Orrin Woodward and John David Mann

I've learned from this paragraph that it's sometime necessary to part ways with the ones we love when we have to choose between our core principles and friendship.

I hope I won't have to do it too often in my life ...

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