Monday, October 3, 2011

Looser - Over time

We spend 24 hours a day with ourselves and we tend to memorize our weaknesses rather than our strengths. The list of weaknesses grows over time because we get to know ourselves better.

During setbacks, we tend to get that list out and go over it. It’s more and more depressing to do so the further ahead we are in our lives which means that it’s increasingly important for us to learn how to cope with setbacks.
For someone, like me, who over think everything during setbacks it can be hard to let go. What I have to do is to make sure I eat right and exercises to exteriorize the pain. If I’m alone in my apt and I can feel a depressing moment coming, I take my car keys and go for a drive. Often, just going outside and feel the wind on my skin makes it go away.

Remember that the one thing you want to do (being alone) is also the worse thing that you can do. The devil works at his best when you’re alone.

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