Friday, September 9, 2011

Acne - Vitamin A

I’m not a dermatologist. I’ve had acne problem since I’m like 14 and I thought that it’s something that will go away over time. The truth is that oily skin isn’t age related but food related. Your body uses what you eat to regenerate itself.

I’m aware that there’s all sorts of product that help reduce the acne on the skin by drying it but that doesn’t help the root of the problem.

After doing some research, I found out that acne is cause by an excess of sebum in the skin and that it wasn’t necessary caused by fatty food (I rarely eat fatty food). I read that a lack of Vitamin A can cause an excess of sebum in the skin which turns into acne.

Vitamins A comes from potatoes, carrots, salads, cantaloupe etc (you can do a research online to find more). Notice that almost none of those are found in fatty food, if they are, they were all processed and probably contain less vitamin A than if eaten from the source.

Add more vitamins A to your diet and see if it does a difference to you :)


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