Friday, December 17, 2010

I Have To Grow

This feeling is one of the best feeling I’ve ever experienced in my short life. It’s a mix of excitement and thirst for knowledge. I think that I finally realized that not only I don’t know everything, I also don’t know what is out there to be learned but I know that I can learn them once I figure what they are. Make sense?

So far,psychological pain as been an indicator of what area I need to grow more in. If I feel hurt during a conversation there’s always a reason for it and once I figure out why, I’m able to learn myself and I find that my self esteem grows in the process. After analyzing my life, I’ve grown more in the pass 4 years than the previous 20 years before that (i’m 24 year old). Even if those 20 years includes school education.

There’s nothing wrong with education but I don’t find I’ve learned enough about myself while being in school. To me, learning about myself is the most important part of life.

What would you say is the more important thing in life?

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