Monday, December 20, 2010

Internet Browsing

It’s the first time, in recorded history, that knowledge is so easily accessible. With all the knowledge in the world accessible to our finger tips, why is it that the thinking of our nation is still at it’s lowest?

There’s 2 major reason for this, the major one being Interest followed by too much noise.

  1. Interest: They don’t know and they don’t care. They don’t see value in any information out there. They’re not hungry to learn.
  2. Too much noise: Untrained people training untrained people.

So if you’re searching for good information, where do you go? You do what you would do in “real life”, you listen to people who have the result. Most great leaders, in any field, have a website where they share thoughts/biographies/books/success stories etc...

In other words, it’s as important to do research on “WHO” wrote the article than the information it contains.

It’s not that the information is bad, when it’s written by someone you never heard of, it’s just that there’s no credibility to back up what’s written.

It’s better to be ignorant than applying bad information.

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