Thursday, June 25, 2009

Make your Habits Serve YOU

What limits you is never circumstance or fate. The limiting factor is always you and what you hold to be true in your mind. And if what you believe is positive, you'll have positive results. The wisest choice you can ever make is to believe in your unlimited possibility. And the tool you use to do that is habit. There are two kinds of habits: those that help you grow, and those that hold you back. The first type of habit is a tool you can use to achieve success. The second type of habit makes you its slave-the habit doesn't serve you; instead, you serve it.

  • Facing difficult feelings serves you well, while avoiding difficult feelings does not. By avoiding difficult feelings, it becomes harder to face them later on. Many people develop bad habits to avoid facing difficult feelings

  • Looking for the best in people serves you well. Expecting their worst doesn't.

  • Looking for the positive side of every challenge can become a habit. So can finding a reason to complain.

  • Putting a piece of every paycheck into a savings account can become a habit. So can spending more than you earn.

  • Finding out what you believe serves you. Believing and accepting everything you read on the Internet or hear on television doesn't serve you.

Are you going to be a slave to bad habits? Or are you going to make your positive habits serve you?

-Page 85 of "Success for TEENS " by the editors of the SUCCESS Foundation.

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