Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Continuous learning

What does continuous learning mean? You probably have an idea, from what you've read so far.
It means there is no treading water in life, no running in place, no standing still. If you're not continually learning-if you're not taking advantage of opportunities to increase and use your knowledge-you're not on an upward path and if you're not heading upward, you're heading in the other direction.
Continuous learning means:

  • You haven't got it all figured out but are open to new possibilities. You're alert to finding opportunities in classes, programs, internships, and jobs.

  • You try to develop your talents to the fullest by learning from people who have more experience than you do, usually adults. It means getting a team on your side, so you're not setting out on your journey alone.

  • Most of all, it means continuously adjusting your course in life, as you learn from mistakes and apply what you've learned to new challenges and opportunities.

-Page 98 of "Success for TEENS " by the editors of the SUCCESS Foundation.

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