Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Constant Overtime isn't Worth the Sacrifice

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It's not uncommon to see a person spending a lot of time at work in order to provide for his family. Sometime, however, it can be to such extreme that they eventually loose the family they were working so hard for.

Why is that?

What you focus on will grow whether it be work or the family. If you focus too much on the family, you may loose your job and if you focus too much on your job then you may loose your family. In the grand scheme of things, loosing a family is a lot more painful than loosing a job as you can always work for someone else but starting a new family is not always possible.

Remember that it takes about 2 weeks for an employer to replace an employee and the only people that will remember you doing overtime are your loved ones.

Find the proper balance that will insure the long term stability of your family. Don't be afraid to deny a promotion at work if it means you would require to spend more time at work at the expanse of your family.

Family comes first.

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