Wednesday, January 18, 2023

We're In the Knowledge Age

(Image created by A.I. DALL-E)

The Information Age is what we call our ability to store/retrieve large quantity of information. The Information Age is over as we're now entering the age of knowledge.
Knowledge Age is the ability to create new information using A.I. from the data stored during the Information Age. A.I. now has the ability to create images/videos/sentences/code/misc (meal plans, diagnosis, schedules...) at the same level, or better, than the average human.
Some students are using A.I. for their homework in school. If an A.I. can do a student's homework then how long will it be until it can do the work the student is training for? What's the point of going to school to train for a job that an A.I. can do quicker, often better, than us?
To say that a revolution is coming is an understatement. The landscape has already changed - the rules we were using in the Information Age are no longer relevant. If you want to thrive in the knowledge age then you need to find ways to incorporate A.I. in what you do. 

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