Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Fleeting Beauty

 "Exterior beauty, without the depth of a king soul, is merely decoration."

The beauty industry, which is estimated at 572 Billion dollars, is feeding off of our fear of aging and actually does nothing to prevent it as creams/mask (or whatever else) does nothing to stop the inevitability that is aging. You can hide the gray, you can hide the wrinkles but it does little other than cover up the natural order of things. Think of it as painting over a rust spot on a car - the rust is still underneath it all. 

Find peace...

I saw an interview where this young man was asking this older gentlemen what it felt like to be 60 years old and he said that it was like waking up after a party without actually partying. He also admitted that he came to terms with aging at around 50 years of age. At that point, he said, he truly felt like aging was inevitable as he could feel/see it happening.

Deep down, we all fear aging but the sooner we accept it the better life will become. It can't be helped regardless of what the beauty industry is telling us.

What am I suggesting we do?

"Happiness is not easy to find. It's very difficult to find it in yourself - and almost impossible to find anywhere else."
-Nicolas Chamfort

While there's still value in proper dieting, exercising, taking care of ourselves... we must do these things for the proper reasons. If it's just to delay aging then we're not dealing with our fear as much as pushing it for later. Our self-worth doesn't need to be tied to our age/appearance and the focus should be on finding peace with the fragility/short nature of our existence rather than spending a great deal of our effort in fighting it as its time that could of been spent elsewhere.

This won't matter a hundred years from now...

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