Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Now or Never!

Someone recently shared with me their fitness goals, which were totally attainable, but one thing about the goal that was a bit odd to me is that it was set in a few week's time. Why? If you don't start today, what are the chances that you'll muster up the inner strength necessary by the time that you actually want to start? If you don't start today... well you'll never start.

You want to loose weight? Start small! What can you do today to get you a bit closer to that goal? Go for a walk, start looking for the cost of gym membership, do some research on the type of food that can support your fitness goals... do anything that will get you a bit closer to the goal. Start today! 

If you set yourself a goal be sure to include steps that you can do right away. If you wait in order to start then you'll likely never start. Something will always come up that will further delay the beginning of the journey. Start now!

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