Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Find a Need and Fill It

I've been working for a contracting company for most of my I.T. career and I've always approached a project from the point of view of "how can I add value ?". Often, adding value means that I need to do things that are outside of my core qualifications in order to fill the needs of the project.
What often happens, when I first join a project, is that my initial qualifications is what got me the contract but then the role evolves to something that's a little bit outside of my core qualifications but a better fit for the project. I believe this is what Bruce Lee meant when he said that you need to be like water - adapt to the environment you're in.

Find a need and fill it.

If you join a project, with a very specific set of skills, and you're not opened to expand or change, as the project demands, then you're not adding as much value as you could.

Be like water; fill in the cracks. You will learn things and become more valuable in the process.

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