Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Find a Need and Fill It

I'm currently working with someone who's all about clearly defined responsibilities and he will do nothing outside of these boundaries. The problem with this approach is that the task completion rest on the understanding of the process rather than the completion of the task. 

The completion of the task should be the top priority and not trying to figure out who's the best person that needs to be involved. Sure, it's important to have some boundaries, and assign the tasks to the person with the right set of skills, but there's got to be an understanding that these are not definite walls. These boundaries must adapt to the changing situations. If someone, for example, was sick one day then it's not okay to wait until the next day in order to complete the task if someone else was able to do it.

Find a need and fill it.

I've been a contractor for most of my I.T. career and I always approach a project from the point of view "how can I add value here?". Often, adding value means that I need to do things that are totally outside of my core qualification just because that's what the project needs at that point (I'm a quick learner).

This is what Bruce Lee meant when he said that you need to be like water. If you come to a project, a very specific set of skills that you're not opened to expand or change as the project demands it then you're not adding as much value as you could.

Be like water; fill in the cracks.

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