Wednesday, January 8, 2020

My Journal's History

Over the Christmas break, I manage to find some old journals of mine and it was kind of nice to see the progression of my writing throughout the years similar to the type of progression that can be seen on this blog.
When I first started writing in a journal, I didn't really know how to go about it and had complicated systems such as different type of icons depending on what was the subject of the day was or had specific sections reserved for things such as "quotes of the day".
My older journals were basically just about quotes I found interesting during my reading. There wasn't much in terms of personal experiences or thought process which is kind of a bummer because it would of been nice to see what I was thinking then compared to what I'm thinking now.

Nowadays, my journals are pretty straight forward. I start off every day by writing the date and write about pretty much everything that comes to mind whether it be an interesting interaction I had or a thought following something I read. When I write, I always use a BIC pens and recently been using those 4 color ones so I can change color when ever I change the subject.

What I found throughout my years of writing journals is that I used to write less when I had a complicated system. I used to put all this pressure on me to make the best journal possible and it was getting in the way of my writing. The simpler the system the better it is.

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